Records: This Frilly Ape (2019), Amelia Arsenic (2020).


THIS FRILLY APE: Lovely Mutant Cauliflower — The loved one forbade me from playing this record around them after fifteen seconds of the first track, “Carcinogenic Slave-Driver.” Distorted guitar, fuzz bass and crashing drums, staggering in several directions at once, and none of them involving standard chord changes. Where indulgent prog noodling crosses over into a hideous racket. The correct hideous racket — I think Jérémy Rumerio‘s got the right idea here. Name-your-price download on Bandcamp — if you’re open to good noise, pick a track and try a minute or two.



AMELIA ARSENIC: Deathless — four tracks of pretty good abrasive bleepy shit. Showcase track is “Wormwood” as far as I’m concerned. Above: “To Love Is To Destroy” (warning: strobing). I should check the rest of her stuff, and you probably should too.

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