BandHub: The Internet recording studio.

October 9th, 2013 by David Gerard

Remember Res Rocket Surfer and Google Jam? This one is a new thing to collaborate with people over the Internet. (If you sell your soul to a Mac-only application.) Technical discussion (for computer geeks). If this doesn’t suck, expect a clone that won’t gouge you down the line.

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  1. Pabo Osinaga Says:

    David, thanks for the review!

    I am co-founder of BandHub. We are working on a PC version and will have it ready in a few weeks! Sign-up at and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

    BTW – the app will always be free. We might introduce a “pro” tier in the future (TBD), but it will always have all the core functionality for free.


  2. David Gerard Says:

    It’s not a review, I haven’t touched it! Just don’t be evil or we’ll eat you ;-)

  3. Riccardo Brains Says:

    There’s also Ohm Studio from Ohm Force (who make Minimonsta, Oddity and effects VSTs) which has been in Beta for several years and is going “1.0” on October 15. I bought the lifetime membership a year or so ago when it was offered relatively cheap (it’s only available until the Beta closes) but there’s also a free version. Ohm is not only online collaboration but a DAW application you can use by yourself and online storage too, which I think is intriguing from a backup perspective. I haven’t used it much but theoretically my future projects should go there.

  4. Pabo Osinaga Says:

    Riccardo, that’s great.

    BandHub is also a DAW application, with the added tweak of supporting video.
    It also provides all the online storage, which is backed up automatically.

    You should give it a shot! It’s completely free, and it will always remain free (we may introduce a ‘pro’ version in the future).


  5. Pablo Osinaga Says:

    David – just wanted to let you know that BandHub is now completely open for anyone in the web ( no need for Macs )…. You can play and interact with songs directly in the web.
    For recording tracks, the recording app is available for both Mac *and* Windows…
    Check it out!!

  6. Alex Says:

    For Pablo, what kind of audio interface would be compatible with Bandhub?

  7. Justin James Says: uses a plugin for online collaboration that works with any recording software. I’ve been using it and it works great.

  8. Pablo Osinaga Says:

    Alex: any audio interface woks with Bandhub – you can even record using your computer’s mic – or just plug in any audio interface you have and use it.

  9. Mark Says:

    Pablo – I have a StudioLive 16.4.2 that I’m trying to use as my audio interface, but I get no audio in the recording app… sound comes through fine on my DAW… any idea what the issue might be?

  10. Pablo Says:

    Mark: do you have a Mac or PC? When you say no sound comes – do you mean the monitor? Or are you actually recording and not hearing anything? Does the audio interface show up in the list of audio devices in the Bandhub recording app?

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