BandHub: The Internet recording studio.

October 9th, 2013 by David Gerard

Remember Res Rocket Surfer and Google Jam? This one is a new thing to collaborate with people over the Internet. (If you sell your soul to a Mac-only application.) Technical discussion (for computer geeks). If this doesn’t suck, expect a clone that won’t gouge you down the line.

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  1. Pabo Osinaga Says:

    David, thanks for the review!

    I am co-founder of BandHub. We are working on a PC version and will have it ready in a few weeks! Sign-up at and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

    BTW – the app will always be free. We might introduce a “pro” tier in the future (TBD), but it will always have all the core functionality for free.


  2. David Gerard Says:

    It’s not a review, I haven’t touched it! Just don’t be evil or we’ll eat you ;-)

  3. Riccardo Brains Says:

    There’s also Ohm Studio from Ohm Force (who make Minimonsta, Oddity and effects VSTs) which has been in Beta for several years and is going “1.0” on October 15. I bought the lifetime membership a year or so ago when it was offered relatively cheap (it’s only available until the Beta closes) but there’s also a free version. Ohm is not only online collaboration but a DAW application you can use by yourself and online storage too, which I think is intriguing from a backup perspective. I haven’t used it much but theoretically my future projects should go there.

  4. Pabo Osinaga Says:

    Riccardo, that’s great.

    BandHub is also a DAW application, with the added tweak of supporting video.
    It also provides all the online storage, which is backed up automatically.

    You should give it a shot! It’s completely free, and it will always remain free (we may introduce a ‘pro’ version in the future).


  5. Pablo Osinaga Says:

    David – just wanted to let you know that BandHub is now completely open for anyone in the web ( no need for Macs )…. You can play and interact with songs directly in the web.
    For recording tracks, the recording app is available for both Mac *and* Windows…
    Check it out!!

  6. Alex Says:

    For Pablo, what kind of audio interface would be compatible with Bandhub?

  7. Justin James Says: uses a plugin for online collaboration that works with any recording software. I’ve been using it and it works great.

  8. Pablo Osinaga Says:

    Alex: any audio interface woks with Bandhub – you can even record using your computer’s mic – or just plug in any audio interface you have and use it.

  9. Mark Says:

    Pablo – I have a StudioLive 16.4.2 that I’m trying to use as my audio interface, but I get no audio in the recording app… sound comes through fine on my DAW… any idea what the issue might be?

  10. Pablo Says:

    Mark: do you have a Mac or PC? When you say no sound comes – do you mean the monitor? Or are you actually recording and not hearing anything? Does the audio interface show up in the list of audio devices in the Bandhub recording app?

  11. gaston Says:

    Hi Pablo, It would be great to have vst support on bandhub!! So i can record directly from kontakt or ezkeys. thanks!

  12. Josie Says:

    Hi Pablo,
    we are musicians (singer and drummer) and are super excited about Bandhub!
    What a brilliant idea!!

    But how disappointed to see the recording app never opens once we click on Record…
    We are using a Mac Air, once we click on Record, the pop up window comes up, showing ” installing update – this might take a few minutes” and we never go past this point.
    it’s very frustrating!
    What do you think is wrong? Thks for your help!

  13. pablo Says:

    Gaston: You can try using VB-AUDIO “Virtual Cable” software which helps you route audio applications in Windows ( so you can set your software’s audio output into Bandhub’s audio input ):

    Josie: I am sorry about that. Can you please send email to osi getbandhub com and we will figure out what’s going on and solve the problem.

  14. Allard de feber Says:

    I’m working with Mac 10.8.5. with external sound card connected with firewire to my Mac. If I open the window where I want to record music on band hub, the sound I hear is distorted. A hard terrible sound which doesn’t bring me any motivation to gig. If I listen to a song from the info page window it all sounds great. How can this happen and how can I resolve the problem. Greetings from The Netherlands Allard

  15. Guido Says:

    Hi Pablo,

    I’m using Bandhub (on Mac) and I love it, no problems at all, great concept!
    My friend tried Banhub, using a Mac+mixer via fire-wire, somehow (I was a witness) all the sound output in the recording app is getting mangled and transformed. I suggested disconnecting the fire-wire and sure enough it worked just fine. Is this a know issue or is it something with updating the mixer? thks

  16. Brenno Says:

    Bandhub Review.

    It’s fun, easy and good to try out things against other musicians in private, work out what I did sucks, and discretely delete it. Some bandhubbers seem ok copying their audio files out of their memory cache into their DAW of choice, otherwise in within Bandhub sound quality is not near recording quality. It’s acceptable to jam with though.

    Downers for me…. Loading times at times, or a lot of the time. The sound quality is not near recording quality, but it’s online data consideration.
    The other thing is important but please hear me out..

    You say in interview above.. “any audio interface woks with Bandhub – you can even record using your computer’s mic – or just plug in any audio interface you have and use it.”

    Now people do this, that actually can sing or play.

    Picture this.

    They are sitting in front of their laptop, listening to the song coming back at them through the system speakers or from their mp3 player, and then recording their vocal. If you listen you can hear the song playing in the background, with a whole lot of hiss.They don’t get essential of a metronome or backing song track.
    The worst thing is that this person can actually sing, strum, etc.
    They do maybe half a dozen dismally recorded tracks, singing or strumming in time and in key, but impossible to collab and get even reasonable results. So they feel ignored, then quit. Good musos quitting, dilating the quality. Bad musos whatever, but good ones, man that’s what will make BH successful longer term. I note the prompt for backing tracks is more obvious now, which helps even beginners consider starting with a backing track, tick.
    How about some simple page and picture on sign up, showing ideal setup if all newby has is a laptop and bud earphones, so at least the backing track spill will be minimised.

    I’ll trade you this opinion based on fact for the upgraded bhub recording app functions so I can mess with my tracks. I think this is where Bhubbers raiding the cache comes in and going away from bandhub for all the time it takes to process the audio in their other DAW, for what might be days or weeks depending on number of songs. I am surprised there is not advertising on Bandhub. I think many would accept a small amount for improved functionality and faster servers perhaps. Maybe some ad popup when you first sign in, but honest and clean no trojan adware rubbish.

  17. Brenno Says:

    I guess I should add that this is a review really addressed to Pablo, but also a bit of sincere advice based on real time experience using the site.

  18. Cassie Says:

    I cannot download the recording app!!! I’ve had an account for a while and used to have the app a while ago. Due to issues and hardware failures, my pc was wiped and the OS reinstalled (windows 7 64bit) i had no problem with it until now, when i go to reinstall it and I keep getting an error code. Did you guys update it, remove it? Are there new system/ browser requirements that im not aware of?

  19. Pablo Says:

    Cassie, what exact error are you getting; please write to

  20. Fabio Maddalena Says:

    It keeps saying it doesnt find the webcam when i obv have one

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