Review: Rock Wars, Duke of Windsor, Prahran, Friday 26th April 2002

Friday was night two of the ‘Rock Wars’ at the Duke of Windsor, and I was looking forward to a night of good old fashioned grungy punk rock: KTV, the Spazzys, Porcelain, Moler and Mach Pelican.

I hadn’t seen bands at the Duke before, though they’ve been having some good lineups lately. The band room looked a bit like a suburban RSL (or at least what I imagine a suburban RSL would look like, minus the pokies), but the layout was good for being able to see. I did like the camouflage nettting behind the stage, though I don’t know if that was just for the ‘wars’ this week.

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Review: Baise-Moi

Baise-Moi is a MUFF special. A film that’s little more than an amateurish, adolescent exercise in prurience whose stream of apparently-subversive images masks an utterly uncreative, conventional, conservative nature.

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