TISM Best.off launch, fortyfivedownstairs gallery

The unfortunately-timed TISM greatest hits compilation, tism.bestoff, (which is being released less than a year after their last studio album DeRigueurmortis, which was delayed by two years anyway) was launched at Melbourne art gallery fortyfivedownstairs on Tuesday night. If you’ve ever harboured a desire to have Ron Hitler Barassi serving you sushi, you shoulda been there.

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Vivendi Universal meltdown

Vivendi Universal’s weird transition from a French water company to a media conglomerate is — astoundingly enough — failing to hold together. Chairman Jean-Marie

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Review: Severed Heads – Dendy Cinema, Sydney, Wed 19th June 2002

I’ve seen a lot of the stuff before over the years but It’s All Good, and Tom Ellard (and I presume Stephen Jones) did a sterling effort transcribing it all to VCD for the big cinema screen. I think the coarse resolution of the old stuff just makes it look more organic and gritty, and suits the nature of the thing. Others disagreed, but some geeks just won’t be told.

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