KaZaA adware defeated

KaZaAlite, a version of KaZaA minus the Brilliant Digital Altnet ad trojan, has been put together by a Russian programmer and made available at www.kazaalite.com.

Nicola Hemming, CEO of Sharman Networks, has claimed that Sharman will “take action against parties engaged in misrepresenting our software,” despite KaZaAlite’s author being … in another country with differing laws.

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24 Hour Party People.

(2002, dir. Michael Winterbottom) Factory Records and its bands occupied thirty to forty percent of my brain between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

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New Darkwave/EBM/Synthpop quickies

It seems that maybe the muse has been getting around in EBM and Darkwave circles of late, or maybe just the right drugs are being taken … whatever it is, there is some fantastic new music on its way, and here are some short reviews of some of the current and future releases …

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Icon Of Coil ‘The Soul Is In The Software’

Scandinavian act Icon of Coil have been plying their brand of boppy EBM for a number of years now, wowing European audiences with their reputedly spirited live shows and dancefloors everywhere (including Australia) with club-friendly tracks like “Shallow Nation”, “Former Self”, “Floorkiller” and “Situations Like These.” Ironically, it’s often been their less dancefloor-oriented tracks that have stuck out more, and, thankfully, new album The Soul is in the Software (due out later this month) has quite a few of these, as well as toying with new vocal styles and rhythms more often employed by other stalwarts of the EBM scene, Covenant and VNV Nation.

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Review: Queen Of The Damned

As part of a culture, any culture you care to name on the planet, the concept of ‘respect’ is seen to have inherent value. In fact, people throughout history have been acculturated to believe that people must seek the approval and approbation of others. Earning other people’s respect is seen to be inherently worthwhile and worthy of pursuing.

Allow me to destroy what little goodwill and respect I have garnered with the good people of this site, both wonderful posters and vile, mailbomb sending lurkers, with the following review.

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