Tankt – Heresy, Melbourne, Sat 26 Oct 2002

Now, it’s no secret that I’m neither an expert on nor a great fan of electronic music. In fact, I have been known to bitch long and hard about the dominance of electro music in the goth scene and the lack of opportunity for those of us that aren’t especially fond of it to have a night out without a playlist disproportionately dominated by doof.

Basically, as Homer Simpson would put it, I don’t understand it because I don’t like it. So, anything I have to say about Tankt should be taken with that in mind.

Because, quite frankly, Tankt fucking rocked!

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Road To Perdition

review by Andrew Tijs Looks like Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Sam Mendes are prematurely dusting their Oscar shelves for the release of the

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Review: No Idea, Mutiny, Homewreckers – Empress, Fri 13th Sept 2002

Garlic pills and codrals kept my cold from turning into the flu it was trying all week to become, so I could go catch the fun at the Empress on Friday.

Friday 13th made it a mini-Halloween for the night, with an appropriately themed night. The Empress didn’t need much of a makeover, with the usual red velvet and candleabra giving it a gothic feel to begin with. Various bits of cobweb, and a huge spider web (complete with spider) stretched across the back of the stage was enough to set the mood. Early on very few seemed to have dressed up for the occasion, but as the place filled up more zombies, devils and ghouls began to appear in the crowd.

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