Blacklisters: Adult (2015).

Early 1990s grunge, reproduced with 100% authenticity. Really, I felt like I was a 26-year-old student/bum again, smoking Lucky Strikes on a front porch in Perth, wondering if I too would ever find some way to hit it big with Generation X.

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Industrial estate.

I am doing the musical thing at last, despite literally being unable to sing or play (‘cos that observably never stopped anyone else). Two

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Imogen Heap failing to catch all the money raining from the skies, on The Blockchain.

Putting the record industry on Bitcoin: Why this won’t work.

Bloomberg has put up a breathless piece of hype based on a report from the most speculative unit of the Berklee College of Music, suggesting that doing it all on THE BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN will shower money on all. Plus point: it is indeed from Berklee. Minus points: it’s made of squirrels and crack.

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