Industrial estate.

I am doing the musical thing at last, despite literally being unable to sing or play (‘cos that observably never stopped anyone else). Two tracks up on SoundCloud, Top of the Pops here we come! Of course, I have the wisdom of others to guide me.

  • You think rock’n’roll is staid? Measuring the evolution of contemporary industrial music — there is none. Three years old, but the condition it describes hasn’t changed a dot. I’m into this stuff and I can assure you it hasn’t moved an inch in fifteen years — and this is with the usual two-to-three-year cycle of kids joining and leaving the scene in that time. Probably the last thing that happened in industrial was when the Human League released their best three albums to date in 2000: Empires, United States of Mind and Welcome to Earth. There is nothing you can’t do with an Access Virus … that hasn’t already been done.
  • For the lay of the land, try the huge free download compilations Face The Beat 2 and Matrix Downloaded 004. Enough tracks you should feel free to hit fast-forward as soon as you’re bored. There’s also the previous editions of each.
  • LMMS remains my noisemaker of choice. The Woolworths guitar of industrial: simple, easy, limited, free, very punk rock. Avoid industrial clichés by having none of the usual sounds at your disposal! Though I’ve been having fun with the ZynAddSubFx presets.

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