Encore season of ABC’s Long Way to the Top

ABC-TV is repeating Long Way to the Top on Saturday nights at 9:30 pm.

And don’t forget the Long Way To The Top concert series running nationally through August and September, featuring all the old stars … that were alive and available, in any case ;-)

Repeats started last night with the early years, 1959-1964. Amongst all the usual footage of JO’K were some interesting snippets of how the early music industry worked in Australia, including that a record’s success was guaranteed if it was played on Bob Rogers’ top 40 show, and how QANTAS stewards brought in new releases by American artists for the locals to copy months before they became available in the shops.

Also, don’t forget that the DVD is missing material from the broadcast TV show, for copyright reasons. So have the video warmed up and ready.

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