DistroKid to get your music into the chart stores.

If you want to get your stuff onto the chart stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google), you can spend a pile of cash (around $40/album) with TuneCore or CDBaby — or rather less cash ($20/year unlimited) with DistroKid. Endorsed by the founders of TuneCore and CDBaby, no less (the latter of whom just uploaded everything he’s ever recorded through DistroKid). The site, some technical details. Anyone here used it?

2 thoughts on “DistroKid to get your music into the chart stores.

  1. Trying it now. Will let you know how it goes! I’ve been hoping something like this would come along for those of us with lots of small releases who don’t want/can’t afford to pay Tunecore’s exorbitant fees.

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