Blow your brains on to the ceiling

OK, those of you who had TISM’s ‘Kill Americans’ on high rotation for the past week – you do understand that it’s you being taken the piss out of, don’t you?

Good – I’d hate to think you were an idiot.

4 thoughts on “Blow your brains on to the ceiling

  1. Ms.45 – I think you’re the idiot. You’re no fucking better than someone who listens to Triple J. Get over yourself loser! Anyway, what’s with your fucked up TISM obsession? Go troll some other site, none of your posts are any good here.

  2. I particularly like the no contact details. I also like the fact that the poster chooses to improve this site by posting original material (er, that is Anthony Horan in disguise, is it not?).

  3. Woow… that was unwarentted. I share a house with ms. 45, and I can assert that she never listens to triple J!

    Someone should start

    It’s a healthy TISM obssession, she didn’t attempt to hump Ron Hitlers leg at the gig the other night…

    And by the way, fuck you.

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