Join us now and free the photos.

One of my other pastimes is Wikipedia. We’re all about the free-as-in-freedom content — not just no-cost with-permission, but wide-open to reuse, including commercially. This concept makes culture industry people’s heads explode, but we did make #8 website in the world that way.

The hard part is photos of entertainers. Bad live shots, fan snapshots and so forth under a proper free content licence always supersede something that isn’t free content. (Looking pretty isn’t the mission — reusable and remixable content is. So we’re hardarses about it.)

I’m wondering a useful way to reliably get entertainment industry promo photos to flock to us. The third-best shot of the shoot, say. I suspect the worst fan snaps would be an incentive. So where and how do we publicise this? (I’ve asked this before.)

(If you’ve taken decent photos of someone with a Wikipedia article but no good pic, we’d love ’em. I’m slowly going through my own twenty years’ photos. CC by-sa is fine, and requires your name staying attached to the image details page. Follow in the steps of Joichi Ito.)

2 thoughts on “Join us now and free the photos.

  1. You have no photos of Rowland S. Howard. It is now 10pm on Sunday night and I have to work tomorrow… I will turn the box o’ shite upside down soonishly.

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