Kids think Guitar Hero controllers make music.

From Jed: Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips has a double-necked guitar where one neck is a Guitar Hero controller. “He went with the Guitar Hero controller because he feels that it’s replacing regular guitars in childrens’ perception of how guitar is played.” Oh dear.

Never mind. How about a few rounds of Guitar Praise? Shred with the sounds of Contemporary Christian Music! All praise!

3 thoughts on “Kids think Guitar Hero controllers make music.

  1. Hm. I’m mostly ignorant of the subject, but it can’t be too difficult to do DSP for recognizing chords, right?

    You can buy a halfway-decent electric guitar for $100. Add $40 for the 1/4″ instrument->USB connector. So why not make a “Guitar Hero Expert Edition” for people who actually want to learn guitar and have more fun practicing? And who don’t want to be wankers playing with toy guitars. Make it usable as an at-home practice amp too (since all the necessary code would be written already), and you justify the cost of adapter+game immediately.

    You could even make it compatible with Guitar Hero controllers, so you don’t lose the social aspect for friends who don’t actually play guitar.

    Anyway, I’m just rambling. Maybe something like this exists already.

  2. sorry, I’m old school (and old)….a guitar is, well, a guitar….not a game. bastardize all the things you want…but music? Really? This is where I draw the fuckin line. seriously, yo, get off the T.V. and go to a garage like we all did.

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