The discreet charm of the Grateful Dead.

What is a Deadhead? How do they get that way? Why, dear God, WHY? Daniel Chamberlain attempts to answer this question.

He does note that “only by avoiding actual Deadheads was I able to become a Deadhead” and that his latent Deadheadism “causes my girlfriend to worry that at a certain point of saturation, she’ll come home from work to find me reeking of patchouli oil, clad in vibrant pajama bottoms and a tank top decorated with capering bears, my dilated pupils being the only reason I haven’t yet found something to juggle.” A deeply frightening cautionary tale.

One thought on “The discreet charm of the Grateful Dead.

  1. yeah, i would also like to comment that, like hipsters, a deadhead never really admits to being a deadhead….and will be the first one to point out that they have a TRUE deadhead friend who doesn’t wear shoes…..lolol…at least in my experience.

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