That Tyson guy? Eh, I could take him.

Liberation Music really don’t like people using their music on YouTube. So when some guy used a recording they owned, they got it taken down. Then he claimed fair use. But they decided no, they weren’t putting up with that shit.

As it happened, the guy in question was Larry Lessig. Gentleman, scholar … copyright lawyer … founding member of Creative Commons … argues copyright cases to the US Supreme Court … former board member of the Free Software Foundation, Software Freedom Law Center, Electronic Frontier Foundation …

So it turns out that calling Mike Tyson a cunt may be bad for your facial integrity. And Lessig has proceeded to paint the canvas with Liberation’s blood. Liberation Music has had to admit wrongdoing in issuing the takedown notice, apologise and pay Lessig compensation for the privilege. Really, we expect a better choice of battles from Mr Gudinski.

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