Niland’s music classifier and similarity searcher, and a demo you can play with.

Niland are an “AI startup” working on machine learning. They sell a search and recommendation engine for music companies. And there’s a demo for you to play with: paste in a track from SoundCloud and see what it makes of it.

I fed it one of mine. Its “top predicted tags”:

  • Drum Machine 74%
  • Electronic Sounds 87%
  • Sound Textures 86%
  • Medium Fast 97%
  • Synthesizers 88%
  • Rock 60%
  • Happy-Uplifting 51%
  • Instrumental 98%
  • New Wave/80s Rock 69%
  • Downtempo/Ambient~Synth/Electronica 62%
  • Industrial&Gothic~Darkwave&Coldwave 100%
  • Downtempo/Ambient~Minimal_Wave/Synth&Minimal_Industrial_(Revival) 99%

… those last two being oddly specific. It also recommended some “similar tracks,” of which “Blind Mice” by Figure of 8 and “Kiss The Screen” by Nite Jewel fit surprisingly well. Try your own and see what it makes of you.

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