Links: Side-Line goes full Nazi, CDDB bought by Nielsen, 23 random Naked Lunch quotes.


  • The awful blog that constitutes the last tattered remains of Side-Line Magazine finally goes full Nazi. Apparently an active totally-not-Nazi‘s favourite literal Nazi anthem is only deprecated due to “political correctness.” I’m glad I’m not the only one raising just a few objections in the comments on the article and the Facebook. (I bet all the bands in the Facebook post below that, thanking Side-Line for putting them on Face the Beat vol 4, will be less than delighted to be associated with this too.) The editor is also the promotions guy for the Alfa-Matrix label and the Storming The Base CD mail-order, so that’s two others annoyingly off the list while he’s there.

  • Remember CDDB, and how it was bought by Gracenote who then declared it proprietary, leading to the creation of FreeDB? Gracenote’s data unit has just been bought by Nielsen, the TV ratings people.

  • 23 random passages from The Naked Lunch, read by William S. Burroughs.

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