Reviews: Amyl and the Sniffers, Bestial Mouths (2016, 2017).


AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Big Attraction — trashy St Kilda rockabillyish cowpunk that sounds on the surface like less work than it probably was and catches the attention more than you’d expect from what it is. The songs are really short, but nevertheless just as long as they need to be. The lyrics are suitably blunt. This is charming and endearing. Above: “’70s Street Munchies”, “Caltex Cowgirl” from previous EP Giddy Up.


BESTIAL MOUTHS: Heartless (Cleopatra) — shouty female-vocal goth rock, but with electro bass. Works well. Songs not killer, but the sound is great. Personal favourite tracks: “Faceless”, “Worn Skin”. Above: “Heartless”, “Worn Skin”. If you like this, the just-released remix album (Still) Heartless will reward your time with a discofied version of the same thing.


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