Links: High-Definition Vinyl, Brian Hooper RIP, Eventbrite’s we-take-all ticketing contract.


  • The latest for the audiophile hipster and the sort of person who thinks a 24-bit rip of vinyl is superior to the 16-bit source material: High-Definition Vinyl! It’s not as snake oil as audiophile stuff usually is — it’s a mastering process that purports to put more into a groove, at better definition, so you can have half an hour on an LP side without loss of fidelity. Considering how much work went into the stupendously difficult task of getting good sound onto and off an LP back in the days when it was actually popular, I remain somewhat sceptical. But there are apparently pressing plants that will be using the process maybe next year, so I guess we’ll see.
  • If you run your event through Eventbrite — they reserve the right to attend your event, film it and then claim the copyright. Same rule in the UK (10.2). Don’t worry, they’ve tweeted that you can ask they not do that! You may wish to read that list closely before using them.


personally I’ve thought he was a dick since the 1980s, but anyway



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