Links: Threatin’s faked tour, WFMU archive closing, Winamp 5.8, streaming as the last format.


Metal Sucks breaks the week’s most hilarious story: L.A. Band Threatin Faked a Fanbase To Land a European Tour No One Attended — they bought a zillion social media followers, faked a booking agency and a label … and showed up for the tour, playing to empty rooms. They somehow expected anyone would attend in real life. NME interviewed one of the support bands.

The WFMU free music archive is closing, for lack of funding. Worst case it’s preserved at the Internet Archive, but they’re hoping to find someone to take on the community and keep it active.

Winamp is finally releasing a new version! Some time. Probably. A beta of the new Winamp 5.8 leaked, and Winamp have put it up for download. “This version is not an ongoing project,” unfortunately but it’s apparently a bit more compatible with Windows 10.

Spotify ‘doing a Netflix’: is Daniel Ek’s platform already too big for the labels to stop it? Yes, and Spotify remembers 2016 when the majors treated it as their mortal enemy rather than their new bestest mate, and knows better than to trust them.

The Last Format turns out to be streaming — we’re back to a completely label-controlled system. Expect stream rippers to gain popularity. (Even a DRMed stream can be ripped if you play it in a virtual machine — put it in the Matrix — and capture the VM’s audio output.)



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