Late Night Listening: Status/Non-Status: Surely Travel (2022).

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Album cover: Surely Travel, Status/Non-Status

I started this week writing about songs I listened to mostly while in the car. Surely Travel, (2022) by Status/Non-Status, a Canadian musical unit led by Adam Sturgeon, Anishinaabe artist and community worker, runs on a parallel track, as it was written mostly while on the road. And it sounds like it, too. The songs embody the liminal space of a long drive: the joys of new landscapes and the wild weirdness of other people and also the low exhausted thrum of having been in the car too long.

Stylistically it’s a mixture of grunge and pop; bouncy but also shimmery, limned with fuzz and reverb, and it’s delightful. If you like it there is also a bonus round in the form of a 3 song EP called January 3rd.


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