Shelf-reading at Bandcamp: Industrial — Leæther Strip, Metal Heart, Master Boot Record, Pertubator (2022, 2023).

Shelf-reading has two purposes: one, to make sure everything is in its right place; and two, to discover works you would not necessarily have though to look for, left to your own researching devices. Periodically I like to apply the concept to Bandcamp, using the tags. This time around I explored “Industrial” which included a lot of different things including an entire record composed of noises recorded at a harbor in Malaysia.

Here are some of the highlights:

Last Station (2023), Leæther Strip

Did y’all know Leæther Strip had a new record out? Because I didn’t. Anyway, here’s the one song that’s unlocked, and the rest is coming in March.

Metal Heart (2022) by Metal Heart

So this one has a lot of different tags, beyond just “industrial,” including ebm, dark synthwave, dreampunk and heavy. I do not argue with any of those, but I might add “experimental noise” to the list. It’s experimental noise that is sleek and spare and has a distinct and defined shape, though.

Personal Computer (2022) by Master Boot Record

This artist’s website includes a functional simulation of an IRC channel, which obviously I had to click into. It was quiet, when I stuck my  head in, but apparently it’s busier when the artist is live-streaming. Anyway, the tunes are good and made of vibrant, bouncy, expansive, joyful synthesizers. Also they’re going on tour in Europe and the UK this winter.

Lustful Sacraments (2021), Perturbator

Yeeeeeahhhh that’s the 2nd floor of Slimelight GOOD STUFF, y’all. He’s doing an Australian tour in February, with Gost.

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