What gigs are you off to this weekend?

It’s your turn to write something. I’d like you all to list what gigs you’re thinking of attending in the coming week (the rock week going, of course, from Wednesday to Wednesday), a bit about each show and why you consider it a serious prospect.

(Melbourne readers may find the Beat gig guide useful as a crib sheet, assuming Beat remembers to update it this week.)

My own weekend is filled with social interaction of a nonmusical nature on Friday and Saturday. But on Thursday, I will be going to see Tankt, an electronic band (the bleep end of “industrial”), at 9th Ward (cnr Flinders Lane and Elizabeth Street). Principal in the band is Jarod Smullen, a fine fellow who is nearly as arrogant about music as me; I’ve decided I’ve got to check out what he produces himself. (MP3s available on the band website.)

And yours?

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