‘Factsheet 5’ to return.

Factsheet 5, the magazine of fanzine reviews, is to recommence publication after a three-year hiatus.

The new publisher is Dwayne-Michael Alborn, a 22-year-old marketing student who was “interested in going into the catalog sales area … With the numbers we ran and the numbers Seth had, I’d say it’s a definite career opportunity.”

Factsheet 5 was started by Mike Gunderloy and ran from 1982 until late 1991. It was taken over by R. Seth Friedman, who published it from 1993 until 1998, covering the time of the zine craze of the ’90s.

Friedman has been trying to sell the magazine for some time, having stated in late 2000 that “if a new publisher is not found by the end of January 2001, the magazine, its web site and P.O. Box will be shut down for good.”

Full report on undergroundpress.org.

Here’s a press release sent out yesterday by Tom Wheeler:


After a 3 year hiatus, FACTSHEET 5 is coming back! A new editorial collective has taken over and we hope to have the first issue out by the end of the year.

Factsheet 5 is an authoritative guide to zines and alternative publications. Each large issue will be packed with hundreds of reviews of independent and unusual publications. Every issue of Factsheet 5 will catalog and review an abundance of zines – complete with price, critical reviews, and ordering information. Additionally, it will include informative articles on zine culture, independent publishing, lively columns, interviews with self-publishers, and an extensive news section.


We will review zines and alternative/independent publications. We suggest you enclose a separate card clearly stating the sample price and subscription price. Also print the ordering address, email address/web site, the check endorsement name, and if you regularly review zines, books, videos, comics, or records. You can also tell us if you want submissions, if you require an age statement, if you regularly print reader letters, if you offer free prisoner subs, and the page count for that issue. Some people love trading, while others are more selective or don’t want to be bothered at all by unsolicited trades. Feel free to state your preference on the card.


Besides zines and independent publications, F5 will also review books, music and videos. Preference will be given to DIY independent projects, although books from major publishers and music from major labels will not be automatically excluded. Music of all styles welcome!


Factsheet 5
PO Box 4660
Arlington, VA 22204


Factsheet 5 will publish quarterly (4 times/year). Although the magazine has been on hiatus for three years, all current active subscribers will have their subs honored and fulfilled. The cover price for the magazine will be $4.95. Single copy sample will be $5.00 by mail. A one-year subscription (4 issues) is $15.00 ($25.00 for first-class delivery).

$5.00 Sample copy
$15.00 1-yr sub (sent by 3rd class mail)
$25.00 1-yr sub (F5 friend – sent by 1st class mail)
$30.00 2-yr sub (3rd class mail + free complimentary copy of Alternative Press Review)
$50.00 2-yr sub (F5 friend – sent by 1st class mail + free mini-sub (2 issues) to Alternative Press Review

$28.00 1-yr sub Canada/Mexico ($56.00 for 2-yr sub)
$40.00 1-yr sub Overseas ($80.00 for 2-yr sub)

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