Ride – CUB Malthouse, Wed 05 Dec 2001

Writer and director: Jane Bodie.

Two people wake up next to each other with no memory of the night before. Hey, we’ve all been there. Not much plot-substitute and silly and disruptive scene changes, but lots of good lines.

The two people (played by Fiona MacLeod and Christopher Brown) are generic inner-city types (St Kilda and Northcote respectively; a writer who’s really a chef and a waitress). They talk and try to reconstruct the night before.

There’s not much plot-substitute (character development or revelation). But it’s got lots of good lines in it, and you can’t watch it without thinking how you’d deal with (or have dealt with) the situation.

The whole thing is set in one room. The scene changes consist of rearranging the furniture in the one room; disruptive and distracting. This was the first night; I hope they remove this bit as soon as possible.

I know the space costs a fortune, but I’m afraid there’s no way on earth this is worth $28; maybe $10. If you can get someone else to pay for your ticket, it certainly won’t be a waste of your evening, though.

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