5 thoughts on “Such a terrible thing to happen to such a talented young lady

  1. Right now Aftonbladet appears to be choking… I’m getting text but no pix (of Britney getting buckets of piss thrown on her by irate residents during a video shoot).

  2. Trouble is that Aftonbladet is the only place that seems to have actual pictures up, and oddly enough the server is getting absolutely hammered. I’m sure copies will be put up elsewhere soon enough.

  3. Shouldn’t the music press be labelling the annoyed residents and the new saviors of rock, and giving them the cover of there glossy magazines?

  4. Aftonbladet appears to be coping with the load now… can’t seem to track the pics down anywhere else, which is probably why they’ve been copping all the load. Exclusives are all very well, but I wonder how much all that extra bandwidth cost ’em?

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