More Clear Channel bashin’ fun

Fun article from Stay Free! magazine about how Clear Channel edits its nationally syndicated programs to sound “local”. Yeah, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before… but, Melbourne readers, tonight when you go to bed, get down on your knees and thank James Brown for RRR and PBS.

“Mr. Alan also used phone calls he had recorded during his live show in San Diego, editing out local references to make them usable in Boise. He typically greets Boise listeners by using names taken from e-mails he gets from Boise, or sometimes from San Diego callers. Then, he puts them in a situation using a real local place drawn from his research. Sometimes he does a bit less, though. After greeting ‘Dawn,’ who ‘is stuck at work today,’ he admitted off the air that she was ‘somebody I just made up right now.’ “

2 thoughts on “More Clear Channel bashin’ fun

  1. And remember Clear Channel owns Austereo (MMM & Fox)…

  2. No, Clear Channel owns Mix 101.1 and related stations. Here’s the ownership mix of Austereo:

    Austereo Shareholders 2002

    Do you know, I am having a bitch of a time confirming exactly what Clear Channel owns in Australia. Their international site mentions Adshel, who are responsible for bus stop advertising, but no Australian radio stations. Can anyone get this info?

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