Latest dispatches from the war against the consumer

As forecast in Suck two years ago, Interscope appear to have been using flooding p2p networks with 30-second loops of the new Eminem album as a marketing tool. (Though this is likely to be worked around fairly easily if it ever starts seriously affecting the availability of popular tracks.) David Bowie says labels, the distribution system and copyright are dead in ten years just after having signed a new deal with Sony, of all companies. Slashdot tells of Hollywood’s latest moves to invent a copy-proof digital medium and other impossible alchemical feats. And Gordon Mohr from the O’Reilly Network speaks of DRM Helmets: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.

2 thoughts on “Latest dispatches from the war against the consumer

  1. OK, OK, it’s three copy-protection articles in a row, and five on the front page at the moment. Could someone please write something else. You’ll get paid as well as me! And even more than Ben!

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