Janis Ian Redux

posted by Anthony Horan

Janis Ian has posted a follow-up to her much-read Internet Debacle feature, with a new reaction piece called Fallout.

Is her web site an online magazine or an artist info site? You decide, but either way it’s a lot more interesting (and informative, and insightful, and … human!) than the corporate FlashFest the RIAA has to offer :)

One thought on “Janis Ian Redux

  1. I’m glad you posted the link to this piece on Rocknerd. I think it gives an important insight to a performer’s take on the whole thing instead of the record companies. It was a very good read for me, coming the day after I read an interview with Russell Coultart, founder and MD of dance label Transient. His view …..
    Are ‘free download’ mp3 sites like Napster a good thing?
    No. By uploading music onto these websites people are totally de-valuing the music & robbing the producers of their livelihood. P2P services like Napster are having a devastating effect on music sales. In the US sales of music CD’s have dropped by 20% in the last 2 years.
    The same applies to people copying CDs, they are contributing to the demise of the music industry. This not only effects the record companies but the artists as well. If consumers do not buy music, how can a musician earn a living?

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