Swirl call it a day

After 12 years in music, three albums and countless EPs, Sydney indie-rock band Swirl have called it a day and gone their separate ways. Not really unexpected, given their lack of activity. Formed around 1990, Swirl were at one stage Australia’s answer to the shoegazer aesthetic of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, and did some amazing things with guitar feedback and effects pedals. Last year they released their long-delayed third album, Light Fill My Room, which had its moments though seemed a bit overproduced and middle-of-the-road in places. After the band split, the members are all working on other projects.

3 thoughts on “Swirl call it a day

  1. I think this is kinda sad – I was really in to the sound that swirl were trying to reach, but as so often happens to australian bands, they never quite reached those heights I desired – there was always a coupla standouts…The Last Unicorn was a beautiful song, as was their track on the first half a cow compilation from 1993 (track name?? from HAC28)…but that was about it. The Last Unicorn single came with a couple of terrible covers – the Ship Song and Calling Occupants…speaking of early HAC comps – does anyone know where to find a copy of sidewinder’s yoko icepick (HAC24)?

  2. I think you mean the 3rd half a cow comp-Vol.2 from 1992 (hac09) features Swirl doing-burning castles, and the drummer was also in Jupiter as well as far as i know (featuring alison galloway)

  3. Swirl were shithouse!!! I saw them in 1992 at the Bondi masonic Hall and there were three people in the audience. My girlfriend, my best mate and myself!! If you’ve ever seen the clip for ‘People I Know’ you will understand. I can also recall seeing them at the Hopetoun Hotel. Ben had an Ibanez SG gaffa-taped to his amp which ment he could ‘coerce’ feedback at the flick of a switch!! OK maybe they should be remembered for perserverance, I’ll give em that!!! Somehow though, I will never give up my copy of their first EP!!!

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