4 thoughts on “That’s it, the Internet’s over. You can all go home now.

  1. Didn’t the Reels Beautiful album come out on K-Tel? I have it, and I love it.

  2. If they listed that, I’d approve highly! (I have a K-Tel copy too. Beautiful was later reissued on RCA, and a rip is somewhere on teh intarweb.)

  3. Look at it this way. This blog should be required reading for both RIAA apologists and for every dweeb who figures that “all I need is one big break.” I love K-Tel compilations, because I know that for every act that made it onto one of these who went on to other things, you have fifty who had to go back to selling storm windows five years after their albums went platinum.

  4. @Paul: See latest post. Musical slushpiles are worse than paper ones because no-one wants cassettes, polycarbonate produces fumes almost as toxic as the contents and electrons aren’t actually recyclable. “All unsolicited demo recordings to be submitted on SDHC or CompactFlash card of 8GB or over.”

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