20 years on, woman finally deciphers meaning of mix tape.

From NewsBiscuit: “Two decades after being given a C60 cassette of specially selected songs, Rachel Hannigan, a 38-year-old consultant from Knutsford, finally realised the collection of tortured alternative rock songs given to her by her chemistry lab partner James Barr was not just a compilation of some of his favourite songs that he thought she might like, but was intended as a declaration of love.”

A buncha MP3s just really doesn’t cut it. Who has time, for one thing?

2 thoughts on “20 years on, woman finally deciphers meaning of mix tape.

  1. That’s not strictly true – when I changed jobs recently, one of my new co-workers, who had met me maybe once previously, instantly made me a mix cd to welcome me aboard. Sure, it was mostly mainstream schmaltz with a bit of Monty Python and Badly Drawn Boy, but I was so touched that someone would take the trouble to do that.

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