6 thoughts on “PF#19: Mardi Picasso, 1994.

  1. Ah. I’ve got bad news I’m afraid. Mardi died in 2012 from a Melanoma. He recorded a couple of absolute barnstormer albums on the way out too.

    If you google Mardi G, you’ll find a CDBaby site with “But wait theres more..” and “Slight return of the dodo”. Dodo was practically recorded on his death bed and theres some poingant (but strangely upbeat) stuff on there.

    Bloody shame, he was only in his 50s and still had a few good albums left in him. He did NOT want to leave, and we didn’t want him to leave. (I’m in a band with his Son , Johnny G)

  2. Also I think they are on iTunes and Spotify (but you know, his family dont get paid when you spotify IMHO)

  3. Not sure mate. If you look up “Mardi G” on Facebook and ask in there (I cant access it from work) someone ought know. His son, John, runs the page, and looks after all that stuff.

  4. Ahoy David, don’t believe Marty did release any of the old stuff. He was working with Johnny on digitising a lot of the cassettes etc before he died and Johnny kept on with that after the funeral (we dropped down to Jarrahdale with every cassette Graham could lay his hands on to see if there was anything missing from the archive) and he’d know where everything is. Vx

  5. Hi all Marty fans and hello Johnny G,

    Didn’t know my dear departed mate had commenced work on archival stuff etc….have quite a few tapes of stuff here…good stuff too (it was ALL good!)…
    If anyone, especially John, or family members, would like copies they just need to get in touch…
    Includes stuff from radio shows (live and recorded), rehearsals, songs actually being written!!!, comedy sketches, demos, a few rare photos (including Martin’s first public gig), handwritten lyrics etc etc etc.

    G’day John…wherever u r at the sodding moment…hope u r still writing and playing…get in touch mate!

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