This is the complete 103MB pile of stuff the industrial hideous noise band Whitehouse (founded in 1980 and, amazingly, still extant) put up on the old mp3.com in 2000/2001. It makes a good stab at being the most horrible noise in the world (slightly more hideous than Filth by the Swans), with lyrics as offensive as the music. It is a highly rated head-clearing noise and will get your neighbours either moving out within an hour or wanting a copy. “I often fantasised about creating a sound that could bludgeon an audience into submission.” Edit: Appears to be here.

2 thoughts on “Headcleaner.

  1. I tried to download. It wanted me to download a codec. I downloaded it. It still wouldn’t let me download it.

  2. I tried all the links on the download page just now, and every one leads to downloading a file called “whitehouse.zip”, which is the archive of mp3s. Requiring you to download something claiming to be a codec sounds like you had something malwareish on your PC, after if not before.

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