Mos Generator: Abyssinia (2016).

Mos Generator Abyssinia“doom heavy stoner metal band”, the press release bluntly announces. Starts unsubtle and continues that way. The metalness is straight-up early ’70s heavy rock and does an okay job; keeping it melodic and not too noodly. They know what they like and would like listeners who like that too. (It’s a pity what I can make out of the lyrics fits too, but oh well.) The single “Weeping Willow” (below) is representative. “Heavy pop in B tuning with a self loathing gothic tinge to the lyrics” says the Bauhaus-shirted singer, making me wonder at metal scenesters poking around the long-dead music of a certain subculture, though I can tell you it really isn’t audible here. (You could try their Joy Division cover, though.) They’ve racked up quite the back catalogue too. Released July 15th.

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