Links: Records and machinery.


  • On-demand streaming has won, apparently. I will go so far as to say Spotify is pretty good in practice. (Use the browser version.) If they can afford the squeeze from rights holders, who look about to deliver the entire record business to Apple again.

  • A haphazard timeline of music technology of the 1970s. I hadn’t realised the Synclavier was ’70s, not ’80s. (And it’s now an application.) Also, just when close-miked dry sound recording started (the moment it was feasible).

  • Japan still has record shops! “Hit” sales are still not huge.

  • Meanwhile, back in the US, Dangerous Minds has an extended rant (hooked to a mention of a documentary on Tower Records) on just how the record companies screwed over the shops in the late 1990s … then blamed Napster. Mind you, they cut artists and catalogue by 25%, losing only 4.1% from sales … then blamed Napster.

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