Links: Floor-sweepings editions, Paul is Still Dead, Imogen Heap’s $133.20, a good industry report.


  • The floor sweepings edition CD boxes from the 1980s are for people like me, who find ourselves of an age when we finally have money. Whence the sudden spate of boxes from the sixties? Well, some copyrights were about to run out after fifty years.

  • And another thing that’s fifty years old: the Paul is Dead conspiracy theory!

  • Your sales on Bandcamp are eligible for the US, UK and Australian charts.

  • The blockchain book continues apace. (Today I drafted the Ross Ulbricht/Silk Road section and was cackling. 23,665 words out of 15,000 written so far.) I posted another excerpt: “Imogen Heap: ‘Tiny Human’. Total sales: $133.20.” I’ve told the story here before a number of times, but it bears telling again, until the very mention of the number “a hundred and thirty-three twenty” causes fits of laughter.

  • By the way, amongst all the bloody terrible PDF reports on Blockchain I’ve been suffering through writing this thing, just about the best so far is Jeremy Silver’s “Blockchain or the Chaingang?” from May this year. It’s a gem in a pile of horrible BS. It’s not technically perfect, but you don’t need to be a techie to spot snake oil salesmen. And it’s entirely correct on music industry thinking. Unsurprising revelation of the day: when his company, Semetric, was gathering social media data to predict the next big thing, BitTorrent data consistently showed excellent correlation with sales — but the majors refused to even look at it, for fear of appearing to validate BitTorrent in any manner. Let us know how that works out for you.

  • And the music section of my draft ends: “5. If anyone tries to sell you on blockchains, kick them in the nuts and run.”


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