Links: High-resolution consumer audio, London for music sales, the worst Beach Boys album.


  • Consumer electronics companies will be pushing high-resolution audio, even though it’s complete snake oil and not even the “golden ears” advocates of hi-res audio themselves can tell the difference in A/B/X testing. On the bright side, it may mean less LOUDNESS WARS mixes.

  • London is where people pay for music. (If you can’t read it directly, search the article title.)

  • In which Andrew Hickey looks at the worst Beach Boys album ever. “It sold fewer than a thousand copies total through normal channels.”

    (“Doe/Tobler actually says fewer than 1000. Andrew Doe got the 1000 figure from Terry Melcher, who got it from his royalty statements. A lot more copies were shipped as part of a QVC thing the year after it came out (buy the box set, get the flop album from last year thrown in), but most of the people who bought that won’t ever have listened to the album itself. But yeah. A thousand sold through normal retail channels, according to the producer.”)


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