Links: Buy from Bandcamp on Friday, why Hollywood is(n’t) doomed, US pirate warning scheme fails.


  • Spend all your money at Bandcamp tomorrow — they’re donating their entire 15% share from each sale to the ACLU, in honour of the spray-tan horror. Start at the bands and labels donating their 85% too.

  • Hollywood is doomed, because unions!! And not, say, blockbusterism in the pursuit of multi-hundred-million-dollar fourth sequels of superhero movies or making the cinema experience increasingly expensive and miserable. While there’s physically imaging things, movie crew isn’t about to disappear any more than roadies will disappear while live shows exist. Of course, CGI and super-simple animation might get somewhere.

  • With the exciting new system of warning letters to pirates about to go into place in the UK, the same scheme in the US has just been abandoned. Because actually, you can’t cut off someone’s internet just on the record and movie industries’ haphazard scattergun title-matching say-so.


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