Reviews: Traitrs, Vanguard (2016, 2017).


TRAITRS: Rites and Ritual (Pleasence) — angsty guitar post-punk driven by the drums with a high bass. The precursor to goth rock as we knew it, back when you’d learn of this stuff from the front section of ZigZag and nowhere else. (A particular band too, though I can’t pick just who and neither could Arkady.) The singer’s voice is very much of the angsty British new-wave rock of the early ’80s. Best tracks: “Witch Trials” (the opener), “Burnt Offerings”. Above: “Witch Trials”, “Heretic”.


VANGUARD: “A Different Story” (Infacted) — New single off last year’s Never Surrender, the opening track from that album, and it’s a good one: bright but angsty EBM of the sort that’s half way to Hi-HRG, with a very catchy tune. The remixes are excellent if you liked the A-side, and the B-sides (remixed album track “Move On” and two new ones) are no slouches.

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