Discopedia: a dance music search engine.

Discopedia is a search engine for dance music. You can enter a band, musician or song name and it will come back with a list of possible matches it finds on YouTube. You can then play the track from right there in the interface.

Creator Ian Nieves explains Discopedia:

I am always looking for remixes of Beatles music. I used to just type “Beatles remix” into YouTube, and play tracks from there.

I decided to automate a bit, add some keywords other than “remix” and soup up the interface a bit.

discopedia was born

It takes your search term, adds keywords for any more specific genres you clicked, then runs a search on YouTube. It’s not technically complicated at all, but nicely leverages the habit dance fans have of uploading every conceivable remix to YouTube. I’m having lots of fun finding mixes and mashups I’d never have thought to go looking for myself.

The play feature only works on desktop web browsers, not on phones; Ian is working on this.

Its not technically challenging… but rather a better experience for an action that I found myself doing alot, and brought me pleasure.

One thought on “Discopedia: a dance music search engine.

  1. The mashups are out of this world. Blows me away how much work creative people put into making astonishing things. Thanks, Ian.

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