Reviews: Cherry Heaven, Rainboy (2017).


CHERRY HEAVEN: Very Pleasing and Desired — shoegaze that’s listened to the Fall a whole lot. Opener “Let’s Go All The Way” sounds like “Hit The North” with melodic variation; works pretty well. It gets a bit heavy on the drum machine in places. “Lost Merit Badge” would fit into Factory late ’80s chill drum machine music. This is a pretty nice record. Their first EP is also worth a spin.

RAINBOY: Teardrop Angel (Falling Star Erotica) — the musician otherwise known as Tony Rainwater. Repetitive house rhythms that are atmospheric to the point of being vaporwaveish, though in a pop structure. The result is pleasant, fun, to the point and doesn’t gratuitously overextend itself. “Every Dream Is A Lie”, “Passion (Loving You Was My Mistake)” and “Are You Alive” are closest to songs. The second half is more vaporous than the first (though the closer, “Falling Star Erotica III”, makes its presence known). “Teardrop Angel” was sufficient for loved one and daughter to complain and tell me to turn off that racket. It’s not that abrasive, surely …


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