Ringo Starr is a dick.



I stopped having celebrity role models ever since ringo starr told me to fuck off when I was 11 that experience was very formative I can never trust another beatle


did he really


God it really did and Im so pissed because I cant even tell the story because it sounds so everyone got up and clapped


you GOTTA tell me this story maude i must know


Well I’m not really used to telling this in text form so I’ll do my best but basically when I was 11 I idolized the beatles and like collected their records and cds, read all their autobiographies, had pics of them hanging ovr my bed and shit… yeah yeah it was a more naive time. But basically since my mom knew I loved them she pulled some of her vegas strings for my birthday and got me into the premiere of the beatles cirque de soleil show. see it, think its kinda lame but too starstruck to care, we get to go to the afterparty and there he is, the man himself, Richard Starky or whateverthefuck…. so naturally I FLIP and go omg ringo youve shaped my young life please can I have a picture w you

And the dude, like. Turns around. And does the most fucking cartoon villain laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. Like, puts his hands over his stomach, takes a deep breath and makes this noise thatd Id describe as Santa Claus mixed with Bowser. And looks me right in my horrified eyes and goes, “No.”

Like, I dont know what to say at this pt. I’m 11, my self esteem was pretty damn low, its not really registering to me that one of my childhood heroes is a fucking DBZ antagonist, instead my first instinct is that I did something wrong or I’m just so damn ugly the very sight of me deeply offended Mr. Starr, so even tho Im starting to cry a bit I awkwardly laugh and apologize for the intrusion. And the dude. He just gives me the smuggest “Yeah, thought so” look ever. And gestures to the other side of the room and goes “fuck off, kid”. Then turns around and resumes his conversation about the finer points of Microsoft paint as a modern art medium or whatever topic I imagine dominates the conversations of such an influential celebrity

But like, and this is the most fake sounding part of it, Julian Lennon (johns son from his first marriage, I think hes a photographer or something) saw all this happen. And like, stands there and comforts me for like 15 minutes. I’m ugly sobbing so loudly at this point, he just like gives me a kiss on my head and says things are gonna be ok. I ask him if I did something wrong. He tells me this happens all the time, the dude just really hates kids and kinda people in general. That raised so many questions for me. Is this a regular occurence? Has he comforted other kids who have had their hearts cruelly ripped out by the menace known as ringo starr, or possibly the other slightly less assholish beatles? Like, he seemed like he was so used to it.

Yeah, I threw out all my beatles shit after that. But thanks julian lennon for stopping me from becoming a supervillain hellbent on destroying the entire nation of britain for good. What a dude. I should check out his photos.


im the ambassador of Tumblr fake stories and I absolutely 10000% believe this and I know in my heart Ringo is a dick

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  1. Yeah I believe it, ringo is not a nice person,Paul is friendly,,Julian is an excellent human ,I was hesitant when I seen steve perry in la,but he was very kind ,I would say shy,you never know with a celebrity,but to shoot down a child is being nothing short of a giant asshole,and I am a lifelong beatles fan.

  2. Isn’t ringo famous for responding to every piece of fan mail he has ever received? That fact doesn’t really seem consistent with your story…

  3. Roger Daughtry did something very similar when my husband ask Roger to autograph a microphone. JERK!

  4. Hmm. This person seems unaware that Julian Lennon has made his own records.

  5. He is born under the sign of cancer,and I’ve never known a cancer in any shape or form good for anyone??

  6. The Beatles are still number one even if they are not together anymore.

  7. Good Lord this is getting a lot of hits. Who’s linking this? Is there some huge groundswell of resentment at Starkey dickishness or something?

  8. HaHa, ya know the Peace Love thing is all good but in reality Ringo seems to have a good heart (if you pass him on the street and he’s alone he will say hello (in my case walking with a friend he said:
    Hello Lads) but he can be pretty rude when he wants (I was once sitting on a little wall in the Roxy parking lot and Ringo opens the door to the club upstairs (on the Rox) and starts beaming at me so I beamed back kind of like : yeah Fuck you too.

    When he noticed I wasn’t paparazzi he walked out to the parking valet for his car. It took about 30 seconds before he was jammed by fans from the Rainbow club next door.

    I almost fell off the little wall I was sitting on listening to his accent in the distance say: No I don’t want to shake your bloody hand!

    The way he was saying it made it sound like the guy wanted him to shake his dick or something.

  9. He is a real jerk. I personally know a Chicago DJ who had a phone interview with RS and RS hung up on him. He talked once to Paul, who couldn’t have been nicer.

  10. I know that Ringo maybe isn’t as bright as critics would like him to be.
    It’s a bit like the fucking guy called trump. Brain dead at birth., There were a lot like him. 14 million I think. It’s the way they are. Like diarrhea, it runs in your jeans (genes for those that don’t get it)

  11. I can’t fault Ringo even if this story is true. Daily encounters with people who feel like they’re owed your time must be incredibly draining. Celebrities who manage to be friendly to every fan must have an extraordinary amount of patience.

    I do, however, think Ringo is a dick for accepting a knighthood in 2018. I can sort of forgive the accepting of british honors in 1965, but c’mon: it’s the 21st century now. Condoning monarchy isn’t cool, man.

  12. The funny part of it is, no one would ever have heard of Richard Starkey if he hadn’t lucked into the Beatles. He’s just not that good.

  13. Ringo doesn’t like to shake hands due to him being a slight germaphobe because he was a sick child. He and the other Beatles would be the centre of everyone’s attention during the 60s, they weren’t allowed personal lives because people would follow them around everywhere. I suppose he could respond to people nicer but when you’ve had the paparazzi in your face since your early 20s, you can’t blame him for being frustrated with people telling him to leave him alone. They gave the world some of the best, if not the best, music so we should give them some privacy. Peace and Love ??

  14. Of course Ringo doesn’t have to pose for pictures with anybody, but saying the F-word to a child is inexcusable. I was a big Ringo fan when I was 12-13. I wanted to meet him so badly, but now I’m glad I didn’t. If anyone says the F-word to any child of mine for any reason, I would have something to say to them about that.

  15. John Lennon was nice to a fan, he signed his album and they had their picture taken. Shortly afterwards the fan shot him dead.

  16. I read an interview that Ringo doesn’t like to touch people……not even his closest friends. He never has. He has been extremely rude to Paul McCartney when they have been interviewed together. At Christmas (2018) he graced the stage at Paul’s London concert. He even played the drums, but he had to have his own drum kit brought in. With John getting shot, and George being stabbed numerous times in his own house, Ringo has become even more paranoid. They had some very rough tours that were not publicized where they were almost mugged, and even had to play in the rain with very dangerous electrical equipment sparking around them. It upset McCartney so much that he threw up several times before going on stage. Ringo’s appearance on stage with Paul at Christmas was awkward at best. He came running onstage like he was going to hug Paul or Ronnie Lane, and he ran right past them. He did come back an give them a little weak acknowledgement. I don’t think it had to do with him being ill when he was five. That was not an acquired disease. I think he really freaked at some of the close calls…..and then seeing his two best mates being killed (Dhani Harrison said that George’s wounds hastened his passing). Paul has an army of security around him. You usually see him wear a down vest on the street, and it’s stated that it’s bullet proof. I doubt that….but he doesn’t create controversy.

    A few weeks ago, Ringo posted a notice on YouTube to warn people not to send mail to him anymore. He said he was too busy. He does not have the staff and security detail that Paul has. So….he still has a few concerts to keep the cash flowing but hates every minute of it.

  17. I find it hard to believe that the guy who made Yellow Submarine and Octopus’s Garden hates kids

  18. I worked as a room service cashier in a large Nevada hotel/casino years ago. Ringo was appearning in our show room and ordered room service one night…the room service server returned a short time later pissed off because of the way this Dick treated him..like a piece of something off of his shoe. He too was looking forward to meeting the man but after that night he wouln’t spit on him if he were on fire. It was something like “yeah, alright, now get out”…

  19. Totally believe your story and it doesn’t surprise me much especially after hearing that Ringo didn’t get clean and sober until he was like 60+ years old. You may have got him on one of his last benders. Doesn’t excuse his behavior though. But if I could help you reframe this horrible memory, I’d say this. Yes, Ringo was a dick to you. But if that hadn’t happened, you’d never have had that great, sweet, long moment with Julian Lennon who’s a very nice guy. Plus, you have a fantastic story about Ringo being a dick to tell people. Otherwise, your moment would have been a two second photo snap. In exchange, you got a very memorable experience.

  20. Some decades ago I had to accompany my Mum to a wedding just outside Liverpool. One of her cousin’s daughters was getting married to this guy and Mum was there to represent a close family member although I didn’t now her that well. By their accents, most of the people there were obviously from the Liverpool area. After the service, we drove out to this hotel in the country for the reception and I just hung around chatting to the one uncle I knew better than anybody else there. He got called away for some photos and I went over to this makeshift drinks bar in another tent area. I was left on my own for a few minutes then this other guy with a hat, long hair and a beard came in and asked for a beer. We sat at a small table and chatted about the wedding. I told him i was just there with my Mum and hardly knew anybody else, and he told me he was a friend of the groom from years ago and dropped in for the afternoon to see him, but he was kinda busy with all the photos. I told him something about nobody really knowing me and he said he didn’t have that problem so much, but it was usually that everybody saw him and wanted him to do things for them. I remember that I said it seemed like that at work sometimes and I was tired of it. The conversation turned to the area where we were which was a rural hotel with landscaped gardens. We chatted about how great it was for a reception and how neither of us wanted to mow the lawn which seemed to cover acres. I remember saying that it’s OK up here but home in Dorset near Wimborne I had a very small lawn and garden and it’s just as nice sitting under the tree and chilling. He told me he liked that, and knew Wimborne because one of his relatives lived near the sea at Poole. Hmmm…. but I didn’t think more into that. There were other things we talked about that were more topical for the time, but it was still just chatting. He got up to go and said he’s really enjoyed the short time he’s sat to enjoy a normal beer and have a normal chat with a normal person. It was different than most often he had experienced. Iu remember thinking that he was a nice guy and told him i enjoyed it very much because of that. We shook hands and he wandered off looking for the groom.

    When we were shaking hands I saw his whole face for the first time and realized it was a fairly well known Liverpudlian musician called John. Thinking afterwards I was surprised I didn’t shit myself but he seemed just like a regular bloke. Over the years I have kept the story mostly to myself, but now a lot of my Mum’s family aren’t around so much and I myself feel that I’m reaching the end of things and should do a few things to tie up loose ends. This has been one of them, recognising that somebody famous is also just like any other human if they are allowed to be.

  21. Hate to say it but Ringo to me is talentless and has had a great life and riches beyond any persons dreams only because of Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
    If he had been on his own , he would have been forgotten in the first week.
    Sorry, but true

  22. Archie Brown, I was really touched by your story… thanks for sharing… I guess you gave John something he almost never had, just a regular everyday easy going conversation with a person you bump into. Sounds like it was gold to him and did him good.

  23. Sorry to hear that about Ringo. He was always my favorite Beatle. I also consider him a great drummer and a major part of the Beatles’ sound. But it hurts to know he’s a dick.

  24. Can you imagine what it must be like to have people coming at you as much as any of the Beatles? Anyone in their right mind would loathe not having a moments peace to enjoy a conversation with a friend or just look quietly out a window. None of you could possibly be polite all of the time when your life is imposed upon at such frequency. Ringo, is human and probably has to work hard at keeping proper boundaries to maintain sanity!

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