Copyright trolls: Malibu media, Prenda, time-travellers, the MAFIAA and how to defend yourself.


  • Porn studio Malibu Media’s habit of filing hundreds of cases then dropping them because their IP geolocation is so bad has annoyed the judge. William Alsup (pictured), long the bane of dodgy intellectual property litigants, has threatened to bar them from the Northern District of California unless they can show cause quick smart.

  • John Steele of Prenda Law has been disbarred by the Illinois Supreme Court, who were already investigating him before his recent guilty plea. And good riddance.

  • The copyright troll with the time-travelling expert witness.

  • Danish ISPs gather together to fight mafia-like copyright trolls. (English writeup.)

  • Matthew Sag and Jake Haskell in the Iowa Law Review: Defense Against the Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling. “Lawsuits alleging online copyright infringement by John Doe defendants have accounted for roughly half of all copyright cases filed in the United States over the past three years. In the typical case, the plaintiff’s claims of infringement rely on a poorly substantiated form pleading and are targeted indiscriminately at non-infringers as well as infringers.”

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