Links: Declining guitar sales, I Feel Love, tinnitus.


  • Electric guitar sales are through the floor, down from 1.5 million annually a decade ago to 1 million now. The charts need more guitar heroes.

  • Another retrospective on the writing and production of “I Feel Love”, including what synthesis was like in 1977. I didn’t know the kickdrum beat was Keith Forsey going thump-thump-thump for seven minutes, ‘cos they couldn’t synthesize a good kick sound. “It is safe to say it was the blueprint for all electronic dance music today.”

  • Oh look, that’s topical: Tinnitus!

  • Finishing off the damn blockchain book. Now doing final text revisions, trying to write the intro and conclusion, and awaiting some artwork.

3 thoughts on “Links: Declining guitar sales, I Feel Love, tinnitus.

  1. One of the reoccurring bits on the various track breakdowns I’ve listened to ( say ) is people are constantly surprised in the disco era how much of the performance was legitimate, straight up, musicianship. “Wait, that’s an actual string section?” “Yes. It was 1976, what else would it have been?”

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