Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: out July 24, pre-orders open!

Uploaded the placeholder page last night and it went up today. UK page, US page. (Or anywhere else in the world, there’s no geographical restriction.)

Price is £4.99, autoconverted into whatever your local Amazon uses. Someone took my hard work as reason to drop five quid on bloody Ethereum so she can have a “front row seat for the train crash”, so therefore five is a good number of pounds for people to casually drop.

The cover image is not final, but we should have the real one by release day.

(Two hours of faffing about with the fucking Kindle interface. And entering all my tax details for the IRS just in case I sell a book in the US. At least there’s a US/UK reciprocal tax agreement so I can use my NI number.)

The book is probably actually ineligible for the Kindle exclusivity deal that gets it on Kindle Unlimited, because so much of the text is publicly available, because I appear to be the sort of writer who needs to do fifty-three drafts in front of a live studio audience. I regret nothing, it was necessary to making it any good.

When I do a print version (I will be doing a print version), I can also make the ebook cheap for print buyers, so I’ll do that.

And no, I did not enable DRM.

Now FOUR WEEKS OF HELL begins as I finish ALL THE THINGS! Expect Rocknerd to continue to be … slow.

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