Links: SoundCloud saved, ASCAP and BMI start on Global Repertoire Database, Daily Mail sued for piracy.



The book has sold 400-odd copies so far, which is pretty awesome for word of mouth. I’m now trying to write a press release and wishing I’d done so well before this.

Still, now is the second-best time. Available on Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes and assorted small-time stores; the world of ebooks is Amazon and a smattering of everyone else, but I urge people to go to Smashwords and get it there ‘cos I get paid more; list of stores on the sidebar of the book site. Print version is trundling through the CreateSpace process and will probably be done before the end of time.

Above: cover artist and Rocknerd metal reviewer Alli K. with the front cover wot she designed. Go give her some work.

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