Links: Hollywood blames Rotten Tomatoes, EU members vs EU filtering, blockchain.


  • Hollywood blames Rotten Tomatoes for their bad summer takings, much like that breathalyser made you have that tenth pint. Yes, people finding out how awful their movies were must be the problem.

  • Several EU member states point out that the EU’s proposal for mandatory piracy filters is probably a human rights violation. Also, the European Court of Justice ruled in Sabam v Netlog in 2012 that hosting sites can’t be forced to filter copyrighted content, as doing so would violate users’ privacy and hinder freedom of information.

  • A sensible article on musical blockchains and their unfeasibility, and I’m not just saying that because they linked me. I am pleased to be hammering that number 133.20 into what passes for the music industry’s collective memory.


“8-Bit Boy” by Mito Natsume. If anyone could do stadium chiptune, it’s Yasutaka Nakata.


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