Reviews: Little Love and The Friendly Vibes, Alvvays (2017).


LITTLE LOVE AND THE FRIENDLY VIBES: The Same Only Worse — Melodic pop-punk that sounds good at low fidelity. They started at the Buzzcocks and Undertones (with some Lydonesque vocal stylings) and picked a good direction to go in. The songs are catchy, well-constructed and you can hear everything that’s going on. Also check their first album, Someone Call An Ambulance from 2015, which is name-your-price. Above: “Team Leader, “More Than You Can Stand,” “Two For One” and (from the first album) “Banter Enhancer.”

ALVVAYS: Antisocialites — Medium-paced indie guitar jangle pop, motorik beats and major chords. Relentlessly bright and cheerful. C86 (much as they apparently hate the comparison) and its descendants, but with muscle. Above: “In Undertow.”

One thought on “Reviews: Little Love and The Friendly Vibes, Alvvays (2017).

  1. Alvvays obviously hate the comparison so much that they feel the need to cover an Eighties indie band live. One featuring the Shop Assistants’ singer, no less.

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