Music blogger links: just do it, how to do it, how not to make a bad review go away.


  • Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Music Bloggers. Here’s mine: 1. There’s no money in this. 2. The worst metal bands in your inbox, really the worst; if you’re not a metalhead, keep one on hand to describe them appropriately. 3. Not that you can post the results, “band you’ve never heard of sucks” is a story that nobody cares about reading and you won’t care about writing. 4. Review records nobody else has yet, you will be supplying the coverage a new band really needs. 5. If you hit something that actually makes a bit of cash, the blog is allowed to fall by the wayside temporarily. 0. If you’re not fundamentally enjoying it, do it another way.


And now, a contrabass balalaika.

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